About Us

NHMHA Housing

The New Hampshire Manufactured Housing Association (NHMHA) has served as the sole voice for issues of importance to the manufactured housing industry for over 25 years. The NHMHA provides value and service to its members and helps maintain a strong and vibrant housing industry in NH. Please consider joining the growing number of members in the NHMHA.

Legislative Watchdog

For over 25 years, the NHMHA has worked closely with legislators to defeat rent control legislation and numerous  bills primed to increase cost and liabilities for operators and retailers; passed legislation to streamline manufacturer transportation of homes over highways; and continues to work to educate policy makers about our industry and the importance of affordable housing.

We continue to fight for the industry on issues such as mandatory fire sprinklers in homes, industry fees, tax assessor legislation seeking commercially sensitive information, and overly burdensome landlord/tenant policies.

The NHMHA has representation on two (2) state regulatory boards that were specifically developed to oversee the manufactured housing industry. NHMHA members have been instrumental in protecting and advocating for the industry, and its consumers, on both the NH Board of Manufactured Housing (BMH) and the NH Manufactured Housing Installation Standards Board (MHISB).