NHMHA Program

The NH Manufactured Housing Association is proud to sponsor the Manufactured Housing Consumer Action Program (MCAP).

This program was designed in cooperation with the Mobile Home Owners and Tenants (MOTA). MCAP provides a forum for the resolution of rental increase issues through the use of professional mediators. MCAP’s goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution between the residents and the manufactured housing community owner.

MCAP will provide a professional mediator, paid for by the park owner, who will review the case and try to work out a resolution of the issues. Mediation will take place over the course of one-half day. If both parties agree, the mediation session can be extended. Residents will choose 1 or 2 communities residents to represent them in the mediation. Community owners will also have one or two people represent them in mediation. Preferably, neither side will enter into mediation with representation by professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.)

A decision will be made promptly and we anticipate that members of the industry will comply with decisions. If either party is not satisfied with the results, they may pursue al-ternate remedies. The entire process is unbiased and fair.

Why the NH Manufactured Housing Association established MCAP?

The NH Manufactured Housing Association has established MCAP because it wants to be more responsive to the residents of its communities. MCAP does not try to judge who is right or wrong in a particular matter, but instead tries to be fair and impartial to all parties and to resolve rent issues.

NHMHA has heard the concerns of residents from manufactured housing communities and has established MCAP to try to resolve these concerns. It is in the interest of park residents and park owners to have harmony and mutual agreement.

We hope with clear, consistent, and open communication that the concerns which have been expressed by residents will be resolved by MCAP.

How to get started?

The first step is to try and resolve any rental issues directly with the park owner or manager. If you are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, write to MCAP at NHMHA PO Box 451, Concord, NH 03302- 0451 or call (603) 629-9369.

In order to qualify for MCAP, at least fifty one percent (51%) of the residents must have a concern regarding a rental increase exceeding $15.00 per month.

All complaints must be in writing. (Remember there are laws which prohibit retaliation should you be concerned that the park owner might be upset by your complaint to MCAP). Please send your written request, along with any copies of documents, letters or other information or material which you believe to be helpful, to MCAP.